You are a part of the live crowd with iCrowd

iCrowd is the ultimate, remote event platform with capabilities to chat amongst other attendees & audibly let the host know you’re there with them!


iCrowd is the ultimate remote event platform.

Perfect for remote events like: birthday parties, watch parties, online concerts, live Q&A’s, comedy shows, sporting events, and so much more.

iCrowd is on hand to make it possible for you to virtually simulate the experience of any event that you can’t make in real life through the device in your very hands!

Using cutting-edge proprietary cloud technology, each user hears the sounds of the remote crowd as they happen. All of the clapping, boos, groans and other sounds are combined with every user’s contributions – just as you would hear in a real-life environment.

Why iCrowd

It’s Easy

Simply scan an auto-generated QR code or accept an invite via email or SMS to join an event!

Simple Text Chat

The straightforward, built-in instant chat service allows all attendees to interact before & during events!


Let the hosts know exactly what you think of the event in real time! Soundboard buttons are available for the audience.

How it Works

Watch the video to learn how to create and join events.

Special Features

Perfect For Any Occasion

Whether you want to create a remote audience for a live music show, school board meeting or for a community of radio show listeners – iCrowd can give you that platform where everyone can be heard.

Public or Private

Set your remote event to be publicly joinable or private for only those you want to be present

Schedule & Manage Events

Set event start & end times, and iCrowd will arrange your upcoming events in order for you.

100% Free

Download and use iCrowd completely free

iCrowd is your brand new, totally free app that allows you to remotely join online events and participate as a crowd member – just as you would in real life! Interact with your fellow audience members during events and even before events have started to build excitement! Download iCrowd and begin enjoying your remote events from the comfort of wherever you are in the world!


Be a part of the Remote Audience for the Largest European Song Contest

May 22th, 9pm CEST – EuroFinal21

The Eurovision Song Contest is an international song competition organised annually by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) which features participants representing primarily European countries.

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How to join?
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    Download iCrowd App
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    Enter Code EuroSemi2
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    Enjoy the Show!

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